Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

The Finger Lakes region has always been a beautiful and ideal location for grape-growing and wine-making. When Dr. Konstantin Frank and his family arrived in New York in the 1950s, he brought [...]

McGregor Vineyard and Winery

The lake effect winds off of Keuka Lake, one of the most scenic of Finger Lakes, create the perfect growing climate for grapes. The McGregor Vineyard and Winery is one of the local wineries that [...]

Barrington Cellars

Keuka Lake is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Finger Lakes region of New York; it is also one of the most unusual because it is Y-shaped rather than round or long and narrow. It [...]

Keuka Spring Vineyards

The Finger Lakes wineries in upstate New York are among the most beautiful and critically acclaimed wineries in the country. Not only are the soil and weather perfect for growing superior wines, [...]

Ravines Wine Cellars

No visit to the scenic and renowned wine-growing Finger Lakes area in upstate New York would be complete without a stop at the Ravines Wine Cellars. This quaint boutique winery may be small, but [...]

Bully Hill Vineyards

Bully Hill Vineyards is a must see for visitors to the Finger Lakes area. This winery was founded in 1958 by Walter and Greyton Taylor. They are brothers who come from a family who has been [...]

Pleasant Valley Wine Company

One of the most spectacular places to visit in the renowned Finger Lakes region of upstate New York is the Pleasant Valley Wine Company. This stunningly beautiful area is recognized as having [...]

Hunt Country Vineyards

The Finger Lakes region of New York is not only stunningly beautiful but is also the perfect place to grow superior wines. The soil is rich and retains its natural nutrients while providing [...]

Heron Hill Winery

Since 1977, Heron Hill Winery has been providing high-quality wines and excellent wine-tasting experiences for its valued customers. Overlooking Keuka Lake in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes [...]