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Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

The Finger Lakes region has always been a beautiful and ideal location for grape-growing and wine-making. When Dr. Konstantin Frank and his family arrived in New York in the 1950s, he brought something new to what was already good about the wine industry both here and in the rest of the country.

The Legacy

After spending years in the Ukraine, Dr. Frank believed that the Vitis Vinifera vines were not growing well in the Finger Lakes area because they lacked the correct rootstock, not because of the cold climate. After doing some extensive research with the delicate vines, he was finally able to grow them successfully. This was the beginning of the “Vinifera Revolution” that enabled this region of the country to grow the grapes that would finally allow them to produce Old World European wines. His research and successful vintages earned him the attention of the entire wine world, and within ten years he founded Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Vinifera Wine Cellars and began producing world-class wines.

The Legacy Continues

One of the best things about the Vinifera Wine Cellars is that it is truly a family-run winery. Dr. Frank’s son Willy Frank continued his father’s legacy of excellence and was responsible for producing the first world-class sparkling wines in the Finger Lakes region. Now Willy’s son, Frederick Frank, has taken over the winery and continued his family’s commitment to growing spectacular grapes and producing nationally recognized, respected and award-winning wines. Next in line is his daughter, Meaghan Frank, who will be the fourth generation to assume leadership of Dr. Frank’s winery as well as the family’s legacy.

Attention to Detail

Each generation of Franks has built upon Dr. Frank’s original meticulous foundation of vinifera vines and pays careful attention to every detail of the wine-making process, from nurturing the original vines to entering competitions all over the world. The Frank family champions their own quality wines as well as all of those produced by neighboring Finger Lakes wineries.

Your Visit

The Vinifera Wine Cellars overlooks the stunningly clear waters of Keuka Lake, offering breathtaking views of the Finger Lakes region all year long. The main tasting room of the winery is located in the former home of its founder, Dr. Konstantin Frank. This is a comfortable and charming place, and the minute you enter it you’ll feel as if you’ve somehow come home. The oversized windows on all sides of the room allow you to see the lake as well as the historic vinifera vineyards. If you prefer something more modern, the winery has recently built a new tasting room. The only thing better than the spectacular views is the delicious and elegant wines you’ll get to taste.

Dr. Frank Konstantin’s Vinifera Wine Cellars was founded on one man’s determination, knowledge and vision. With those qualities. he elevated the entire wine industry of New York. The wines here are unforgettable, just as your visit will be.

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