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Keuka Spring Vineyards

The Finger Lakes wineries in upstate New York are among the most beautiful and critically acclaimed wineries in the country. Not only are the soil and weather perfect for growing superior wines, but the views are stunning. If you’re planning a visit to this area, you’ll certainly want to add the unforgettable Keuka Spring Vineyards to your list of places to see.

The Family

Overlooking the beautiful and scenic Keuka Lake, this family-owned winery has been producing superior wines for the past twenty-five years. Len and Judy Wiltberger had a dream that began small but has steadily grown over the years. The family planted each grapevine by hand and is still responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 30-acre Keuka Spring Vineyards. The family’s love and commitment are evident in the operations and facilities as well as their excellent wines.

The Winery

For many years, the family sold all their wines through their tasting room; eventually they had to increase production to keep up with the demand. In 2004, the family designed and constructed a gorgeous new tasting room which overlooks the lake. Each bottle of wine is hand-crafted from vine to bottle, and each wine-tasting experience at this winery is designed to be a wonderful experience for every guest. Whatever your experience with wines, you’ll learn something new about grape-growing and wine-making from the Keuka Spring Vineyards hospitable and knowledgeable staff.

The Land

The Finger Lakes region has the ideal soil and weather conditions for grape-growing, and the parcel of land on which this winery sits is particularly perfect. The land slopes toward Keuka Lake, and the fifteen acres of vines benefit from the silt loam soil, plenty of sun, a lengthy ripening season and protection from early and late frosts. Running through the scenic land is the Keuka Spring for which the winery is named.

The Wines

Each of the world-class wines produced by the Keuka Spring Vineyards is worthy of recognition. Nearly every one of the wines which the winery has entered into competition has received at least one award or medal of recognition. Keuka Spring wines have won the coveted Governor’s Cup for the best wine in the state for that year as well as a variety of “Best in Class” awards and medals in a variety of competitions. Whatever kind of wine you prefer, you will find something to enjoy, as the wines produced here are consistently elegant and delicious.

Keuka Spring Vineyards participates in the Keuka Lakes Wine Trail events and hosts a variety of local events such as a cheese and wine lovers’ weekend and a summer barbecue. The vineyard is open year round. The Wiltberger family would love for you to stop by and say hello to them when you visit the Keuka Spring Vineyards. Enjoy a wine-tasting experience and then relax with your favorite vintage on the lovely terrace overlooking Keuka Lake. The views are as spectacular as the wines.

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