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Barrington Cellars

Keuka Lake is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Finger Lakes region of New York; it is also one of the most unusual because it is Y-shaped rather than round or long and narrow. It is sometimes referred to as “Crooked Lake.” In Iroquois, “Keuka” means “canoe landing”; in Seneca it means “lake with an elbow.” In any case, Keuka Lake is a spectacular place to visit, and while you’re in the area consider a trip to Barrington Cellars.

Who They Are

Located in the town of Barrington, Barrington Cellars is situated just 500 feet from the scenic Keuka Lake. Since 1971, this small, family-owned winery has been producing award-winning wines made with grapes from its own Buzzard Crest Vineyards. Each wine is hand-crafted and bottled at the winery, and the family would love to tell you all about the process during a wine-tasting experience in their new wine-tasting facility. From this vantage point you will not only enjoy an assortment of fine wines but also a magnificent view of the vineyards, the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside and the pristine waters of the picturesque Keuka Lake.

What to Try

Barrington Cellars produces a wide variety of fine, award-winning wines. In 1997, they did a little experimenting and made ice wine and immediately won gold medals for this delicious creation. A few years, later, they tried another experiment with an excess crop of peaches, using an old family recipe. Since then, Buzzard’s Peach and Buzzard’s Pear, sweet but subtle wines, have become wildly popular. Come for a wine-tasting experience to see which you prefer. While you’re there, you can also sample one of the special treats offered at Barrington Cellars: frozen, all-natural, full-strength red and white grape juice. Nothing is added to this unique and delicious treat; all of the grapes’ natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins are part of the deliciousness.

Special Events

You’re welcome to visit the winery any time of the year, as it is open year round. Barrington Cellars, like most of the other Finger Lakes wineries, actively participates in many of the local traditions and activities such as the Keuka Wine Trail and a variety of food and wine pairing events such as spring flower watches and summer barbecues. If your timing is right, you can participate in the winery’s cheese and wine lovers’ weekend.

The Finger Lakes region is known for having the perfect wine-growing soil and weather conditions, so certainly any visit to the area must include a stop at one of the local wineries. The Barrington Cellars is a quaint and quiet place to spend some time. If you come for a visit, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with whatever wine you select. Relax on the deck overlooking the lovely Keuka Lake and appreciate the stunning views as well as the delicious wine. If you’re lucky, you may get to see the buzzards for which the vineyards were named as they fly overhead.

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